KOKO MIH is an initiative of the Dogon Culture Circle of the Bandiagara Escarpment, conducted by Dagalou Guirou, and the village of Banani, we thank them for entrusting us with the making of the film.


The interests of the Circle is to contribute to the preservation of the Dogon Culture and the creation of a documentary fund based in Dogon Country, Banani. This project also aims to disseminate the knowledge, artistic and spiritual values ​​that come from the practice of Dogotem: the Dogon culture.


In April 2011, it was planned to hold the funeral celebration of Héreou Guirou and Sagou Guirou, in Banani. Both were Kaougas, that is to say, high dignitaries of the Masks Society, introduced to the practice of Dogotem tradition of animism. As it happens that Sagou Guirou was also a master of the flute, which played every year for Kere Sudjiou, the ritual celebration of harvesting and the new year Dogon. Thus, the tribute to the great musician would be a musical tribute to his memory, so that the recording of the ceremony and the attention to its musical dimension is of considerable interest for the Circle.